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Infinity SM, S.A.

Infinity SM, S.A. is a company specializing in logistics and shipping and is placed in Panama´s Colon Free Zone. Specializing in shipping solutions, the company provides a variety of delivery solutions for international shipping, offering it an advantage over its competition worldwide.
Infinity SM, S.A. is dedicated to servicing import and export customers and has become a hub to the Latin American market by providing intermodal shipping services. The enterprise is dedicated to the unique needs of the customer, so it has focused its efforts on a plan that offers a level of security and trust that few companies can provide.
Thanks to Panama’s critical location as the center of all major shipping routes, Infinity SM, S.A. is able to offer clients a variety of shipping alternatives to successfully move their cargo. With a trained team and customized processes, the company is effective at meeting needs for all of its customers.

Services offered include:
• Cargo Transport
• Consolidation
• Warehousing
• And Much More

Products sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Air, Sea and Land Cargo, Cargo Handling, Cargo Services, Consolidations
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