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Karaon Export, S.A.

Karaon Export SA is an importer and exporter of fashion apparel for women and teenagers, including pants, shirts, skirts, shoes, underwear and sunglasses. Located in the Colon Free Zone, the company offers excellent clothing from brands such as Selena, NYC, Helm Gold, Diamond House, Cleo, Chinita, Caracol, Brutus, Britney, Tumi, and many more.
Karaon Export SA is located in the Colon Free Zone, a center of import and export located at the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal. From here, the company has the advantages of using the most famous shipping route for distributing products worldwide, allowing them to provide high quality items for duty free and reasonable prices.
With affordable products and the best shipping available, Karaon Export SA can deliver quality products to its customers at reasonable prices. The company offers customers the opportunity to enjoy beautiful fashions from many talented companies.

Products offered with brand names such as:
• Selena
• Helm Gold
• Diamond House
• Cleo
• Chinita
• Caracol
• Brutus
• Britney
• Tumi
• And many more

Brands sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Abejita Y Diseño, Amame, Britney, Caracol, Chinita Y Diseño, Diamond Bed Y Diseño, Diamond House Y Diseño, Helm, Kids Kokomo, Lia, Nyc Y Diseño, Pitbull, Reward, R.I.P. Trip Y Diseño, Selena, Soda, Tabago, Tumi, Twister, Yacht Master

Products sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Casual Clothing, Clothing in General, Fashion Clothing, Young Men Clothing, Young Women Clothing
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