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Lamparama Internacional

Lamparama International SA is located in the Colon Free Zone and is known as a thriving business with more than forty years of experience in the distribution, design and marketing of lighting products. These products feature the strength, prestige, and stability offered by one of the most prestigious manufacturing groups in the Far East. This group allows Lamparama International SA to provide products at competitive prices from its warehouses in the Colon Free Zone in Panama or through direct dispatches from the factories in Asia.
The vision of Lamparama International SA goes beyond the delivery of products, as the company provides its clients access to constant updates of technical knowledge, training of sales staffs, coordinated development of products and strategies, and much more because the company is dedicated to growing with its clients.
Offering a wide range of home illumination products such as lamps, fixtures, exterior lighting and replacement parts, Lamparama International SA provides customers with lighting solutions, training and much more. From the Colon Free Zone, this company offers excellent products and services to its customers.

Products offered include:
• Lamps
• Fixtures
• Exterior lighting
• Replacement parts
• And more

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