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Libanex, S.A.

Libanex SA is located in the Colon Free Zone and is a wholesale distributor of clothing for the entire family. Quietly gaining popularity, the company has developed a large customer base by providing a wide variety of affordable priced clothing to retail suppliers through the world. Libanex SA is one of the best locations in the Colon Free Zone to find values on clothes for men, women and children.

Relying on the strategic advantage received from being in the Colon Free Trade Zone, Libanex SA is an excellent place to find bargain clothing for everyone in the family. The company established an impressive number of customers who see the smart business decision and value added benefits of buying wholesale clothing here.

Libanex SA has utilized the advantages available by locating in the Colon Free Trade Zone. This location makes it a valued distributor for fashionable clothing. This creates the competitive advantage that many retail business seek to enhance their success.

Products offered include:
Fashions for children
Ladies’ clothing
And much more

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