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Marlex Internacional S.A.

Marlex International is a wholesale distributor of home electronics products from such well known brands as JVC, Royale, Pioneer, Panasonic, Aiko, and TCL. In addition the company carries liquors by Great Sons, John Barr, and Sir Edwards and cigarettes by Royale, Corona, News, and Gitano, as well as snacks by Arcor. Located in the Colon Free Zone at the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal, the company is in an ideal location to effectively receive and ship products anywhere in the world
The location of the Colon Free Zone allows companies to compete globally with an efficient logistics system and a location at the hub of the Americas where the Panama Canal connects Atlantic and Pacific. This shipping route is nearly in the center of the world and connects north and south, east and west to improve distribution everywhere.
Marlex International takes advantage of its unique location and effective customer service to serve customers throughout the Americas with high quality electronics, liquors, tobacco products and much more.

Products offered include:
• Electronics products
• Liquor
• Cigarettes
• Snacks
• And more

Brands sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Boss, Jvc, Panasonic, Pioneer, Ssl, Tcl, Yamaha
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