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Metro Import & Export

Located in the Colon Free Zone, METRO IMPORT & EXPORT SA is a leader in the distribution of household electronics. The company offers a wide variety of appliances, household electronics and audio-video equipment for many satisfied customers in the world. The company imports high-quality products from Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan and exports them to clients in South America, the Caribbean and Central America.
METRO IMPORT & EXPORT SA has an advantage over many other distributors concerning import and export of goods due to being a part of the Colon Free Zone. The Free Zone is the most critical import and export route anywhere in the world and the company takes advantage of this to provide quality products to its clients.
METRO IMPORT & EXPORT SA is the right place to get household electronics, regardless of the product desired. This company offers the customers throughout the world the ability to find the high quality electronics that they seek and purchase them at reasonable prices.

Products offered include:
• Washers and dryers
• Refrigerators
• Kitchen electronics such as blenders, coffeemakers and toaster ovens
• Vacuum Cleaners
• Car audio & video
• Televisions
• Personal audio and video players
• And much more

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