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Millennium Plaza

Over the years, the Port of Colon has become an important location for many different reasons. This is a busy shipping zone because of the Panama Canal. The area has also become a shopping destination because of the existence of the Colon Free Zone. Finally, the port has become a central focus of the cruise industry, with many ships passing through the Canal and bringing tourists to shop in the Free Zone. All of these factors have made the Millennium Plaza an important part of the development of this incredible area.
The Millennium Plaza is destined to be landmark in the Free Zone area. The first stage of this amazing complex will include a luxurious 5-star hotel with 224 rooms. Spacious and elegant, the hotel will have conference rooms, restaurants, theatres, shopping and much more. All of these features are designed to make this an up-scale attraction for every visitor.
With the expansion of the Panama Canal, the arrival of hundreds of cruise ships annually and the allure of shopping to visitors of the Colon Free Zone, Millennium Plaza is an ideal destination for many people. Beautiful and elegant, this is the newest attraction at the Port of Colon

Products offered include:
• Five-star hotel
• Conference rooms
• Restaurants
• Theatres
• Shopping
• And much more

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