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Multillantas Z. L., S.A.

Multillantas ZL, S.A. is wholesale tire distributor located in the Colon Free Zone. The company ships directly from the manufacturers and is experienced in the sale of car, truck and farm tires, rims, accessories and more. The company is a good source of products and technical information for its customers.
Multillantas ZL, S.A. has a unique advantage over many of its competitors because it is located in the Colon Free Zone, an area that was established for import and export of international trade. The zone is located along the Panama Canal and connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, creating the most direct route for shipping. The Canal makes it possible for the company to have lower shipping costs, making its products more affordable.
Featuring tires from Aeolus, Nankang, Roadstone and Duro, Multillantas ZL, S.A. supplies a wide range of products to meet the auto needs of its customers. With high quality products and an experienced staff, the company is able to provide the best for its customers throughout Latin America.

Products offered from brands such as:
• Auto parts and accessories
• Car and truck batteries
• Agricultural and industrial tires
• Tires for heavy equipment
• Rims

Brands sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Advance Tire, Aeolus Tire, Autoguard Tire, Bkt Tire, Dong Ah Tube, Duratour Tire, Duro Tire, Good Ride Tire, Good Year Tire, Gt Radial Tire, Mega Star Tire, Nankang Tire, Regal Tire, Windpower Tire

Products sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Agricultural & Industrial Tires, Tires for Heavy Equipment, Tires and Tubes for Cars and Trucks, Tires and Tubes for Bycicles and Motorcycles, Batteries for Cars and Trucks, Rims and Cups for Cars

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