Multitek Corp, S.A. is the product of a cooperative tradition that has existed for more than 60 years. The creation of this company was based on the commitment to offer solutions of technological process problems to many groups and businesses. The company has implemented many successful solutions in diverse sectors such as financial, commercial, Internet, telecommunications and medical, which have allowed it to acquire unparalleled experience.
Multitek Corp, S.A. offers intelligent IP solutions to its clients, and it features more than 100 technicians in diverse engineering specialties that allow it to solve any problem. In addition, the company constructed one of the largest factories in the Colon Free Zone, allowing it to stock the items necessary to provide the finest service available.
Featuring a skilled and highly trained workforce, Multitek Corp, S.A. is committed to providing the computer solutions required by each client. The company professionally offers the technology needed to solve any business problem.

Products offered from brands such as:
• Olympus
• Mobotix
• Cisco Systems
• Centon
• Benq
• Hacer
• Selectron
• And many more

Brands sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Acer, Camara Hp, Camara Olympus, Dell, Muebles Elmo, Olympus Medicos, Selection, Sharp

Products sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Camcorders and Spare Parts, Computer, Screens and Accessories, Computer Disks, Printers, Totebags for Laptops, Software, Ups (Backup Batteries), Communication Equipment, Photography Supplies, Photographic Paper, Photographic Film, Video Games and Accessories, Medical Products and Equipment, Microscopes and Endoscopes, Office Furniture, Calculators

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