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Ofimak Zona Libre

Ofimak is a company that specializes in office supplies and stationery, our brand is called OFIMAK and we have the largest and widest variety of products, approximately 150 items with the best market prices; we have a large stock in Panama and China for immediate distribution to Latin America.

Additionally, we have some extras that we offer to boost sales of our products such as:

- Excellent product quality.
- High Definition in its packaging and bright colors to highlight on shelves.
- Advertising on cable channels like CNN and HTV.
- Advertising with GOOGLE ADWORDS.
- POP Material, catalogs to deliver to distributors.

We are interested in establishing business with you, and will be an honor for us to include you in our distribution channels throughout Latin America.

Products sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

School Supplies, School Supplies, Photographic Paper, Office Equipment, Supplies and Implements, Paper
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