Perfumeria El Coronel

Perfumeria El Coronel Z.L. S.A is a wholesale distributor of perfume situated in the Panama Colon Free Zone. The company has created a successful wholesale/retail business, importing the finest perfumes from the best manufacturers and exporting to fashionable stores in Latin America. The company is able to accomplish this by discovering the leading fragrances and offering reasonable prices to clients at its retail store and wholesale customers in Central and South America and the Caribbean throughout the Americas.
Perfectly located for international business, Perfumeria El Coronel Z.L. S.A is found in the Colon Free Zone. This entrance to the Panama Canal makes possible movement of most of the Latin American merchandise, allowing for the company to receive perfumes from worldwide producers and deliver them to customers in North, South and Central America.
Regardless of which brands buyers seek, they will quickly understand that Perfumeria El Coronel Z.L. S.A has the finest fragrances at reasonable prices. Both customers and retail businesses will enjoy the benefits from purchasing perfumes at this excellent company.

Products offered include:
• Perfume
• Cosmetics
• Sun Glasses
• And much more

Products sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Cosmetics and Cosmetic Cases, Perfumes

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