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Representaciones M&R, S.A.

M&R Representaciones is a logistics and shipping company, located in the Colon Free Trade Zone, which is dedicated to satisfying the freight needs of its clients. The company accomplishes this mission by offering excellent handling of cargo to guarantee the integrity of shipments that pass through customs in various countries.
The company’s vision is to create the most efficient logistics and shipping company in the world, based on its own strengths, its material resources and the contributions of its suppliers. This vision ensures that the company provides the safest shipping options, the most reliable customs procedures at the best prices.
Located in the Colon Free Trade Zone, M&R Representaciones is an important part of the movement of products worldwide. The company is dedicated to providing excellent service and reasonable prices.

Services offered include:
• Service of complete and repackaged containers
• Documentation
• Destination documents
• Support documentation in the country of origin
• Freight repackaging
• Packing lists
• Import invoices
• Repackaging reports
• Container service
• Load and unloading of import containers
• Shipment of air cargo and accompanying luggage

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