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Rudy Logistic Group

Located in the Colon Free Zone, Rudy Logistics Group is a provider of all phases of logistics and shipping to national and international clients. The company is fully licensed and permitted to provide international transportation, as well as purchasing agents in the Colon Free Zone. Because it has earned the trust and confidence of its clients, the company is able to provide superior services from this location to anywhere in the world.
Rudy Logistics Group is conveniently located in the free zone and can offer excellent service for clients wishing to make purchases there. The company can coordinate the transactions that its clients make in the zone, and then ship the products to their scheduled destinations. This allows clients to save time and money by purchasing from a number of businesses in the zone, then allowing Rudy Logistics Group to pack and ship the containers.
Logistics and shipping can be difficult when dealing with one distributor. When multiple suppliers are involved, it is very advantageous to have a company like Rudy Logistics Group handling the process.

Services offered include:
• Storage
• Cargo insurance
• Packaging
• Online cargo tracking
• Sea, air and land transportation
• Purchasing control
• And much more

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