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While the fashion industry has seen the rise and fall of many companies, Guess has been a popular brand for nearly thirty years. Starship Commercial Inc, located in the Colon Free Zone, is the successful wholesale distributor of this iconic brand of fashion apparel, shipping clothing for the company all over the world.
Guess has a wide range of products, including jeans, shirts, shoes, perfumes, watches, underwear, dresses and much more. The company has styles for men, women and children, and it is found in stores in nearly every part of the globe. Located in the strategic Colon Free Zone, Starship Commercial Inc is able to be a leader in the distribution of clothes for the Caribbean, and Central and South America.
With trendsetting products and international fame, Guess is one of the hottest clothing companies on the planet. With an important location and an excellent business model, Starship Commercial Inc is able to get these fashions to people everywhere.

Products offered include:
• Jeans
• Shirts
• Shoes
• Perfumes
• Watches
• Underwear
• Dresses
• And much more

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