Sansim Inc.

Located in the Colon Free Zone, Sansim Inc is a wholesale distributor of fabrics that can be used in a wide variety of applications. A successful business, the company specializes in decorative fabrics for a wide variety of uses, allowing customers to use its products to decorate homes and offices, and to make furniture attractive.
Offering fabrics useful for both decorative and functional purposes, Sansim Inc supplies materials to both manufacturers and designers. The company works with many oriental manufacturers to provide its broad selection of textiles. The company’s materials can be used for table cloths, tapestries, sheets and comforters for beds, furniture cushions, curtains and much more.
Thanks to its location in the Colon Free Zone, Sansim Inc is an attractive location for designers and manufacturers throughout Latin America to purchase fabrics. With strong supplier relationships and a strategic shipping location, the company is able to provide fabrics that its customers need for affordable prices.

Products offered include:
• Table cloths
• Sheets
• Comforters for beds
• Furniture cushions
• Curtains
• And more

Products sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Ironing Boards
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