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Security International, S.A.

Security International is located in the Colon Free Zone and is a wholesale distributor of parts and accessories for a broad range of autos. With a long history in the industry, the company has a successful process that allows it to select quality manufacturers in order to provide parts that exceed the expectations of its customers.
To meet the needs of its Latin American clients, Security International established its distribution center in the Colon Free Zone. An import and export area located in Colon, Panama, the zone is the largest in the Americas and provides the company with the most famous shipping route in the world. Capitalizing on this location, the company can import products directly from its manufacturers and supply them to customers in Central America, the Caribbean and South America.
Offering products from a wide variety of manufacturers including batteries for cars and trucks, electrical tools, replacement parts and accessories, Security International is a high quality supplier of excellent replacement parts for many different cars. Thanks to its experience, the company is a skilled supplier for the clients throughout Latin America.

Products offered include:
• Replacement parts from the manufacturer Head
• Batteries for cars and trucks
• Electrical tools
• Replacement parts
• Accessories
• And many more

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