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Soda Internacional, S.A.

Soda Internacional S.A. is a commercial operation specializing in merchandise for men and women featuring designs that mirror the current fashions in Europe and America.
The company´s strategic location in the Colon Free Trade Zone puts it not only in the western hemisphere’s largest duty free distribution center, but also in the center of the large and important North American, South American and global market. This permits the company to distribute customer´s orders easily from its Hong Kong manufacturers utilize the Colon Free Trade Zone to guarantee its client the security of their merchandise.
The showroom of Soda Internacional S.A. has three floors of displays, each one with 1,000 square meters of the collections of today´s fashions. With high quality merchandise, excellent prices and accurate distribution, Soda Internacional S.A. ensures its clients some of the best product and prices in the entire Colon Free Trade Zone.

Brand names offered include:
• Miss Lulu
• Pasiones
• Trinidad Design
• Tallas XXL
• Martino di Trento
• Andy Pop
• And much more

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