Solvijaya Internacional, S.A.

Solvijaya Intl provides products worldwide, providing products directly from the Orient. This is a large wholesale distributor of a wide range of sports equipment, kitchen appliances, electronics, hardware, housewares and Christmas supplies. The company has locations in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Dubai and Panama, which provides the company with a location in the world’s most important place for distribution, the Colon Free Trade Zone.
Solvijaya Intl provides vast quantities of merchandise at reasonable prices due to its international network. Some of the products supplied by the company include: fitness equipment, balls, toaster ovens, blenders, toasters, coffeemakers, sweepers, irons, personal stereos, televisions, tools, cutlery, holiday decorations and more.
Because it is strategically placed in the Colon Free Trade Zone, Solvijaya Intl is a leader in the distribution of products to both the Americas and the world. The company meets the needs of all of its clients with high quality products at affordable prices.

Products offered include:
• Sports equipment
• Kitchen appliances
• Electronics
• Hardware
• Housewares
• Christmas supplies
• And much more

Products sold by this company include (but are not limited to):

Audio and Video, Bathroom Accessories, Hair Dryers, Bluetooth, Lighters, Plastics & Packaging For Food, Thermos, Network Cables, Computer, Screens and Accessories, Hard Drives, HDD, Computer Memory, Memory Cards, Ceramic Floor, Construction Materials and Equipment, Faucets, Taps and Fittings, Toilets, Sinks, Floors, Doors, Bicycles and Spare Parts, Redes, Light Bulbs, Bulbs, Light Bulbs, LED, Flashlights, Gasoline And Diesel Generators, Fans, Water Dispensers, Freezers, Icemakers, Gas Stoves, Irons, Ventilation, Venting, Telephones, Luggage & Totebags, School Supplies, Lunchboxes, Stainless Steel Products, Adhesives, Door Locks / Padlocks, Hardware, Plumbing Supplies, Rails, Screws, Abrasive Discs and Diamond Discs, Herramientas, Home Supplies, Dinnerware, Tableware, Crockery, Ceramics Dinnerware, Melamine Dinnerware, Porcelain Dinnerware, Drinkware, Cups, Household Appliances and Spare Parts, Oriental Suppliers, Industrial Equipment, Office Furniture, Plastic Furniture, Office Equipment, Supplies and Implements, Diesel and Gas Engines, Valves, Appliances

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